We believe that God has given to our church a diverse membership with diverse gifts and abilities. We further understand that our desires should be God’s desires and so we use these diverse abilities for His glory in the furtherance of the gospel.

Some of our ministries include:

Sunday School
Every Sunday morning we have Sunday School classes for all ages from kindergarten on
up to senior citizen. We teach every book of the Bible, every doctrine and every truth found in it in a way that is exciting, dynamic and Holy Spirit led.

Personal Discipleship
Bringing things back to the way it was in the first century, we understand that personal discipleship was the most common way for a new believer to the basics of God’s Word, what the Christian life is all about, what God expects from us and what we can expect from Him. In the 21st century we see that this is still the best way and so we offer personal, one-on-one, organized, biblical discipleship that will help build the new or wanting Christian in their faith, joy, and love for God.

Youth Group
Our youth are our future and it is so important to show them our love for them, show them that God loves them and teach them the hope there is in Jesus Christ. We have established a youth Group where our youth will get the opportunity to show that action in service to the Lord. We take our youth to summer camp, monthly youth outings, day trips and many other fun activities geared toward our youth that will not only be fun but will also teach them practical lessons from God’s Word. Our dedicated youth pastor is always available to minister not only to the youth but also to their families.

Bus Ministry
We have a fun and growing bus ministry where we pick up children and adults of all ages for Sunday School and then return them safely after morning services. Our faithful workforce goes out every Saturday to visit the riders, encourage them in the things of God and minister to their families. As always, the focus is on winning souls to Christ and this is an excellent opportunity to serve Him and see much fruit for the labor. We also have a van available to pick up folks who don’t have a ride to church but are interested in attending any of our services. Simply call for a pick up.

Seniors Ministry
We believe that many who would love to come and be a part of a local church cannot because of age and or debilitation. This is why we go out to our local nursing homes and assisted living facilities and hold services in their facilities. We currently have twofacilities where our Seniors Pastor goes and holds preaching services every Saturday. We also provide rides for those who are able to come from these facilities and attend our regular church services.

Acts 20:20 Evangelism
One day each week (currently Fridays) we have organized visitation, soulwinning, knocking on doors and gospel tract distribution. We consider this an informal requirement for the staff and any church members are encouraged to participate when possible.

Monthly Church-Wide Evangelism
One Saturday each month we set aside a time where our whole church membership is invited and encouraged to get together for organized visitation, soulwinning, knocking on doors and gospel tract distribution.

Open-Air Preaching
We believe that the Word of God is to be PROCLAIMED out in the streets and byways of our community. Thereby we are fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission to preach the gospel to every creature. We go out, typically on a monthly basis, and open-air preach in parks and public places as the Holy Spirit leads. We make it interesting and engaging for the average person who may be listening and we ultimately present man’s predicament in his transgression of God’s holy Law and how God Himself has provided the way of escape and full payment for our sins in the person of Jesus Christ.

Home & Foreign Missions
We believe in and obey our Lord’s commandment to go and teach all nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. To this end we support a number of in-state, interstate and foreign missionaries & ministries.